Saturday, June 22, 2013



My husband and I both split the responsibilities of cleaning the house (for now that is since I'm not a stay at home wife and mommy yet). Although its been 70%-80% Lance most days because I work all day and he 1. is just a great helper because he loves me :D and 2. Because I'm sure he gets bored at the house all day before he goes to work at night.

Any way, we have this rule to at least spend 10 minutes a day picking stuff up or just doing whatever needs to be done and then Saturdays is when I do a deep clean of everything.

Cleaning is not fun for me!

But I am also not fond of the stress that a messy house brings.

I have to admit though..... I have a problem. I absolutely HATE doing the dishes! I hate it more than doing any other type of house work there is. I would rather go out in the sweltering heat to pick weeds. (OK, I hope you get the picture of how much I hate it lol.) But I can't bring myself to buy paper products when I know we have free dishes to eat off of. It's a sickness, I know.

If Lance sees the dishes piling up, he most of the time jumps in and cleans them without complaint. (I will also admit that I LOVE when he does that!) BUT it makes me feel bad because the kitchen is supposed to be my zone and I should clean the dishes at least most of the time. So with the purest of intention I will tell him, "No No, let me do the dishes after I get home from work." I know he's sick and tired of hearing that line! Because "after work" roles around and I'm tired and need to cook supper.

And here is where the cycle continues. Surprise, Surprise, wouldn't you know, "the pan I need to use is at the bottom of the sink in a pile of nasty dishes!" This is where I start to panic while I'm staring at a giant monster that I REALLY don't want to tackle. (And I am pretty sure at this point I start hearing the theme song to Jaws!) So I start weighing out my options... and then something like "Chinese take out sounds really good right now." starts rolling through my head. Bad choice but easier choice. More expensive choice but I don't have to do dishes.. AWFUL!


1. I don't dread going to the grocery store!
There are few things more stressful to me than bringing a fresh new batch of groceries into a messy kitchen and trying to put things away around the mess. So if my kitchen is clean, I don't avoid going to the store to buy yummy healthy food for Lancy pants and I!

2. It makes me WANT to prepare a good healthy meal.
When I get off work and the kitchen is clean as well as all the utensils/pans that I will need; all I have to do is start cooking. It's so much nicer than starting with sink full of dishes that could take an hour to finish. Because by that time, I just want to order a pizza!

3. It simply makes things more enjoyable!
I sometimes don't realize the stress that I bring on myself and if I clean when I'm supposed to then the dishes won't get piled up. So basically I prevent the stress causer and that makes for a happier healthier home. Plus I know my husband appreciates the alleviated stress as well :)

It doesn't always work out but I have a general rule to always clean the dishes right after we are done eating off of them. That way the dishes don't get piled up so bad. So if you're like me and don't have a dishwasher (that will be my pride and joy when I get one someday lol) and you avoid your kitchen like the plague because of dishes... Jump right on this misery train and we can do it together! You can do it!! Lets keep our kitchen clean so we can eat clean too!

Let me know if you feel like Me about dishes or any advice that you might have. Thanks!!


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  1. I'm with you. I don't like to do dishes, but as I've gotten older, it doesn't bother me as much. A candle lit near the sink with some nice music helps. It's a great time to pray. I've also found when I've set a timer, that it doesn't take nearly as long as I think it does - which means I can just "get it done". And you are one blessed lady to have a hubby pitch in. Praise that as long as it lasts. :)