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Why can't the Dr. figure it out!?!?

A little over a month ago, I was very sick for like 3 weeks. I had never in my life been that sick for that long! It was terrible! My heart was racing for no reason, I was tired and weak all the time and I would get sick to my stomach and throw up until I passed out. Sounds fun right?

Yeah I had a blast! Especially when I had to go to the hospital 3 times within three weeks (against my own will mind you). I hate hospitals! Every time I went they would do more and more and more tests... I was beginning to think  that something was seriously wrong with me because the Dr. could NOT figure it out. At one point they even did a spinal tap on me because they thought I might have had meningitis! Let me tell you, the spinal tap was the highlight of it all.. who doesn't love a good spinal tap?? I was pretty much scared that the ER doc was going to paralyze me.

So any way, I was getting so sick and tired of being poked and prodded and them finding NOTHING... and they were sending me home with answers like, "you probably just have a really bad undetectable virus." Well their answers did not satisfy me. I wanted to get better but I didn't know how... UNTIL I found Dr. Berg.

I was searching online one day to see what the heck my symptoms could mean when I happened upon one of Dr. Bergs body type videos. I listened to what he had to say and found out exactly what kind of body type I was and I thought wow that's exactly me! So then I found his website.... what a land mind I tell you!

At first I thought, this guy is probably like all the rest of the gimmick people out there, trying to sell you this miracle this and this miracle that. Boy was I wrong. I am going to link the video below but please hear me out to why this guy is a TRUE doctor. He owns a practice in Tennessee (I believe) and travels around trying to educate Americans about our cultures diet is literally killing us by eating the way that we do.

1. He offers an abundance of FREE videos right on his website to educate you about your body. 2. He has a tag line that I'm addicted to which is, "You don't lose weight to get healthy.... You get healthy to lose weight." SO simple yet so true!. 3. He sells this drink, called the Kale shake... I know, I know, you are thinking "THERE IT IS" but hear me out.. yes he sells that shake mix BUT he also gives you a video of how he makes the shake so you can do it yourself if you want (which involves like 3 or 4 common ingredients.) The shake he sells just comes in different flavors for you to try. HOW COOL IS THAT! No one does anything nice like that these days!!! And 4. He is so against the traditional way that Doctors operate. Which is, you go to the doctor because you are having
'pain all over", what do they do... they give you a big fancy name like "You have fibromyalgia." So they give you some pain killers or some type of prescription drug and they never ask Why. Why do you feel that way!?

Sorry for all the exclamation points lol I'm just very excited about today's post!!!

I started taking some of his advice and eating for my body type.. and I started getting better! Thanks expensive Dr.'s who didn't do a thing for me! It was so much cheaper to find Dr. Bergs video online and take his free advice. Ok.. enough rambling from me... I've posted two videos and they are both about the same thing.... the first is just a short version and the longer one (which I HIGHLY recommend if you have the time.) just goes into more detail. VERY INFORMATIVE... not the same ole' same ole' that you've heard before... just watch. And PS. his website is just


Thanks for stopin by guys! Hope you took the time to watch at least the 5 minute one. Please comment below and let me know what you thought. Thanks!!


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