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Why do I love WRITING...

Writing is special to me. I enjoy it immensely! I started writing when I was fourteen years old after my mom gave me a journal for Christmas one year. I've been hooked ever since.

I like blogging, don't get me wrong, but there is nothing like sitting down with a pen and some lined paper. When I get a new journal I just can't wait to fill it with thoughts and dreams and memories! I know.. I know.. I sound like a complete nerd but that's alright :) I will still enjoy it, nerd or not.

In this day in age, everything is about technology. Our culture is obsessed with it. Everything written these days is either on a blog, a text, Microsoft Word, or Heck, you don't even have to type it out anymore.. you can just tell your phone what you want your text or memo to say and it does it for you!
Before you start thinking that I am some person taking strike against technology, I will tell you that all these things are cool inventions and some of them I use myself. But I will never give up actual (pen and paper) writing. Q: What if your hard drive crashes A: then put it on an external hard drive, Q:well what if that gets fried too....A: ?. I'm just saying, all those memories would be lost forever in the great unknown and that makes me sick to my stomach to think about. (Gosh I can't get over how much I sound like a nerd lol).
So I challenge you to go out and buy yourself a journal. A small one if you are nervous about all those pages. Devote to write a page or a paragraph at least once a week. You can write about your day, thoughts you've had, vent a bit just to get it out, or a story.
I know not everyone will love and enjoy writing as much as I do but what if you are an amazing writer and never really knew it!
Like I said write about whatever and however you want. Me: I don't follow all the right grammatical rules. I start sentences with "and" & "because". Which probably gives my mother a nervous break down lol. But I just like to write how I talk.
I hope you enjoy this challenge and let me know how it goes!
ps. and if you need help getting started, just let me know and I can post a topic for each day that you can write about just to get you in the swing of things.

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