Wednesday, July 17, 2013

20 Random Facts about ME!

Ok so I haven't posted anything for a few weeks because life has been oh so crazy!! We have been in and out of town a couple times and there's always just something going on back and forth. I'm sure you all know the feeling. SO... I decided I would try and get back in the swing of things with today's post.

Today's post is going to be about, Yours Truly :) 20 Random facts about Lind-Say Jo. So lets get started!!

#1. I can blow bubbles out of my eye. WHAT?! yes I can. I discovered this one day as a kid doing back flips under water in the pool and getting water up my nose. You know that burning feeling you get when you have water up in there.. well I thought it would make it feel better to hold my breath and plug my nose while trying to blow air out... LOL and all of a sudden.. my eye started bubbling from the inner corner.. Doesn't sound to healthy right? Lol my parents didn't think so either haha so I only showed my friends when they weren't around. I actually won a talent contest once at camp!! That's my claim to fame right there folks.

I thought I'd hit you with my best one right off the bat! ;)

#2. I get scared/startled VERY easily. It's gotten worse as I've gotten older.. I jump any time anyone comes from anywhere that I'm not expecting.. and sometimes I jump worse even if I AM anticipating someone haha... my husband scares me all the time unintentionally (I think).. you'd think I'd 'know' by now that I live with him.. but my brain just can't figure that out.

#3. I love love love make-up! My mom and aunts were always really into makeup and I just picked it up from watching them. I would get in trouble for using my mom's stuff all the time and not putting things back, but I just wanted to learn! And to this day, any time I'm at any store that sells makeup, I can just feel the cosmetic isles calling my name lol. I could spend hours examining the products!

#4. I had a dog named Sassy for 14 years, that I loved very much. She passed away my senior year of high school and I was so sad :( . She has been gone for like 6 years now and I still talk about her from time to time.. I don't think it's weird but some people do. She was my faithful companion :) All my friends know exactly who I'm talking about when I say Sassy.

#5. I'm almost albino. Lol At least that's what the lady at the tanning salon said one time. I had to answer a series of questions to determine how many minutes I could start out tanning. So at the end I had to add up my score and give it to her. She got wide eyed and said "honey, one point lower and we wouldn't be able to legally let you tan! Are you sure you want to start tanning? You are one point away from being legally albino." HA.. yeah I should have never done it.. she only let me lay in the tanning bed for 2 whole minutes and I was FRIED! lesson learned.

#6. I love Shirley Temple! I have every movie/short she's ever been in. I still watch it to this day :) my favorite movies that she's in are tied between "Captain January" and "The Littlest Rebel".

#7. I had red hair once. (like the natural color red) I absolutely loved it! but my husband didn't and won't let me do it again.. we'll see ;) maybe someday... I like being a blonde for now.

#8. I love Pocky's. Strawberry Pocky's to be exact. They are a Japanese treat if you've never heard of them. You can find them at Walmart in the oriental section in the grocery isle.

#9. I have a slight obsession with Amish love stories... my favorites are by Beverly Lewis. They are just so great! Don't hate if you've never read one lol... It's just intriguing because it's about another culture and I just love L.O.V.E. Plus it's a good clean love story :)

#10. In 6th grade towards the end of the school year, everyone in my class was sent out in the hall one by one so the rest of the class could vote on a nickname for us to be known by at 6th grade graduation and it was to be kept a secret until that day. I was so excited to hear mine because all the other girls got cute nicknames.... what was mine you say?? Mrs. Gigglesworth.... awful I know.. So embarrassing I hated it! lol but it's funny now. I was and still am pretty giggly so I guess it fits.

#11. I have random cravings... and when I say cravings I mean STRONG cravings for pretzels (crunchy kind) and pickles..  I know that sounds like a pregnant kind of craving but I can assure that i'm not.. I just really love those two things together.

#12. I have been known to sing the squirrel song by Ray Stevens word for word from time to time. My husband hates it.. it has 3 vs. and 3 choruses and once I start singing it I have to sing the whole 5 minute song lol. (Sorry honey!) if you have never heard it.. run to youtube and look it up now!

#13. In my opinion, the best invention ever created was air conditioning. I absolutely hate to be hot and sweaty, so air conditioning becomes my best friend in the summer time. Otherwise I turn into the Hulk and rip up the whole city. True story.

#14. I am a very vivid dreamer... I dream almost every single night and have the most wild crazy REAL feeling dreams.. some people tell me they don't dream at all and others tell me that my dreams will go away as I get older.. but I hope that isn't true because it is so fun to be in my head! lol

#15. I think it is insanely funny watching videos of people falling... if I'm in a grumpy mood and turn on Funniest Home Videos and watch the back to back clips of people falling TO MUSIC I will no longer be grumpy by the end of it all. I laugh so hard every time! Other than FHV my favorites on youtube are "scarlet takes a tumble" and "fat kid fall off of roller coaster." Call me cruel, I don't mind lol I think it is hilarious and I will keep on laughin!

#16. My biggest aspiration in life is to be a Mommy some day :) Can't wait! Whether God blesses me with biological children or children from someone else.. I love them already! can't wait to meet them! well I can.. maybe three more years hopefully lol.

#17. When I am in church and the pastor tells us to turn to a certain book in the Bible.. I still sing the memorized books of the Bible that I learned in kindergarten so I can locate the book I'm looking for. Thanks Mrs. Flickenger for teaching me that!

#18. I FREAK OUT.. if a bug flies at me and gets close to my ears where I can hear it super loud! and when I say freak out.. it's not this little girly squeal and run around all cute and dainty.. it's me: shoving people (elderly and all) and whipping my head around so hard that my pony tail flies out, all the while screaming at the top of my lungs in a shrill tone that could probably break glass... it's not a pretty site and I have tried to control myself but it's just one of the many GIANT fears that I have lol. Sorry if you've had to experience my little tantrums ;)

#19. Sometimes I have these surreal moments where I wonder what it would be like to be someone else... But then I get all confused and realize that I am just ME... inside a BODY.. that has just been assigned to me by God kind of.. I know it sounds weird and that may not make sense at all but I don't know how else to describe it.. i'm weird lol. But seriously  just try and sit there for a minute and ponder that... after a minute or two, if you're anything like me, you'll be like "uhhhhh"... fries your brain a little bit lol.

#20. From first grade until I was a freshman in High school.. my shoe size was the same as my grade. So in 1st grade I wore a size 1 and then in 9th grade I wore a size 9. And I legitimately had a fear that I would have huge giant feet by the time I was in the 12th grade. Thankfully they stopped in 9th grade!

So there you go.. 20 random facts about me that you probably could have lived without knowing but I hope you enjoyed it anyway ;) Comment below and give me one random fact about you as well! And don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already... or want to lol.



  1. I loved reading this! I laughed, I cried, I craved pretzels.... It was great! Random face about me.... I'm completely like you when it comes to bugs. I freak out! So badly that recently I left my home for 2 weeks because I couldn't sleep at night due to a few bugs being in my apartment.

    1. haha oh kim.. then you would have died being at my apartment.. we had brown recluse spiders infesting our apartment and we had to bug bomb our place to get rid of them.. I wanted to leave but my tough husband wouldn't let me haha