Friday, July 19, 2013

She loves me... She loves me not....


Here are a few items that I have been testing out lately and have decided that I love! So I definitely would recommend these to anyone because they are just great! Hope you enjoy!

1. Garnier's Under Eye Roller.

I love this thing! I got it about a week ago and you just put it under your eyes (where you might have dark circles) and it works great for sleepy puffiness when you wake up or when you go to bed.. I especially like this in the morning because it helps me wake up! It's supposed to reduce puffiness and dark circles under your eye. I haven't used it long enough to tell a huge difference with the darkness of my under eye but I can already tell they are lessoning some. There is a little metal ball at the tip that rolls on the formula and it's nice and cool and I think it just gives you a jump start to wake up your eyes in the morning! Great product you should try... I got mine at Walmart for like $7 bucks!

2. Garnier's Moisture Rescue Face Gel.

I bought this stuff to try out and didn't know how I would like it because I tend to have dry skin and normally use something thicker but Oh My Word... this stuff feels amazing! I put it on in the morning and night and it's just so cooling and refreshing.. and definitely doesn't make me miss my old moisturizers. My face feels so soft after it soaks in, it smells great and is not greasy at all! They have another kind for normal to oily skin as well... A product definitely worth trying for sure!

3.Curel Continuous Comfort body lotion.
I love this stuff.. It is Dermatologist Recommended and hypoallergenic, so that's a plus! And while I don't have sensitive skin, I like it because it is nice and thick but the moisture soaks in so fast and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or greasy. The moisture also lasts all day! Like I've said before, I tend to have pretty dry itchy skin and some lotions I use feel great when first put them on but after an hour or so I feel like I need to reapply more. This lotion is just great.. I can't say enough good things about it.. I keep a bottle at home and on my desk at work so others can try it as well :)
One more perk is that it comes in fragrance free.. which is nice if you want to wear perfume or body spray without crossing smells.. plus I rub this on my neck and wrists and then spray with my perfume and it helps the smell last longer :) I say give it a shot!

 4. Urban Decay's Naked palette.
Funny name, I know lol but this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE eye shadow! I love Urban Decay in general but they really out did themselves with this palette. Where do I begin... for one thing the colors are gorgeous and so pigmented plus they all blend so beautifully together. Not to mention that they stay on all day! Especially if you use their eye primer or any primer really. For the most part I am a drug store make up kind of girl and this palette is a bit pricy but it will last you forever and for the quality and array of colors you get.. I don't mind spending a little more... They also have a second palette out called Naked2 and I am looking forward to trying that out as well. I would recommend this to anyone who loves doing make up, you will fall in love!
here is a photo of the colors in order on actual skin.

5. Urban Decay's Setting Spray.

I own the first one in the picture (Long Lasting). It is wonderful! I spray a few mists over my face after my make up is done and literally I can go all day long, after sweating and all and by the end of the day my make up will look like I have just put it on! Especially my eyeliner which is a wonder in itself because I have never been able to make my eyeliner last without having to touch it up. I have heard great things about the other two in the picture as well. The Oil Control one is pretty self explanatory but the Cooling and Hydrating one pictured in the middle is pretty sweet! It Sets your make up just like the one I have but it keeps your make up at a certain cool temperature so whether you are in hot weather or cold weather, it will keep your make up from melting off or from being dry and flakey. So cool right! Either one you choose is a great product and worth the investment because in the long run you end up using less make up!

6. Loreal's Colour Riche Balm in color 218 Rose Elixar.

And last but not least I have been adoring my Loreal lip balm. I'm not much of a lip stick person but this is the perfect world between lip gloss and lip stick.. it is sheer but adds great color and a perfect amount of shine that lasts pretty well.. I usually only have to reapply after I'm done eating.. pretty good I'd say! It's not expensive at all and I got mine from Walmart. This is the only color I own at the moment but all their colors look beautiful and I can't wait to try more. If you have pale skin like I do and need to add some color to your face, Rose Elixar is a great color. Let me know if you try it and what you think!

Ok, Those are the products that I am just absolutely loving right now.. Hope it was helpful, I know it's kind of overwhelming at the store when trying to figure out if a product is worth the penny. Let me know if you love these items too and any of your fav's that I need to check out as well! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful day! and don't forget to subscribe to Tea, China and Fair Skin if you haven't already :) Just add your email in the top left hand corner of this home page for notifications! 

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