About Lindsay

Who Is She???

I am Lindsay Jo Milbourne and here's a little bit about myself, what I like to do and my exciting life with my hubby Lance!
Like I said, my name is Lindsay and I am 22 (almost 23) years old. I married the most wonderful man in the universe on March 9, 2013! Best decision he ever made. No I'm kidding lol I'm the blessed one TRULY. I love to spend time with my husband. We like IMAX movies. I love to read (amish love stories, don't hate!) We like doing everything outdoors. We both enjoy photography a lot. I love love love to write! And we like to work out and be healthy. (At least we do now.. because we both gained a little too much weight while we were dating, Yikes!) But out of all that fun stuff that we have in common, there is One who we share our deepest heartstrings with. Our Lord and Savior. Lance is going to school to be a pastor and we are living our life to serve Him and Him alone. He blesses us in more ways that I can count or understand. I am in the process of taking classes to become a photographer. Not only do I absolutely love taking pictures but I think it will fit very nicely with the one profession that I've always wanted to have the most and that is to be a Mommy. I don't have any kiddos yet, but I sure can't wait to meet them!

This blog isn't really aimed towards any one particular person, place, or thing. I will just post whatever is placed on my heart for the day. I am also hoping to do some helpful healthy research here in the near future so we will see how that goes. Thanks for stoppin by! Follow me if ya wanna!


  1. Great start to your blog! I don't see where I can follow you on here? Also, wanted to share my blog with you too! :) Would love to have you as a guest post sometime!



  2. Thanks Lindsay! I added the "Follow Lindsay by Email" thing :) I checked out your blog and love it!