Thursday, August 8, 2013

Healthy Life Style Journey

Today I wanted to share something recent that is going on at the Milbourne's. We have decided to make a lifestyle change!

When Lance and I started dating.. I would say that I was an average good eater but I hardly worked out. I would make sure to eat healthy things, I would stay away from certain foods, and only ate out every once in a while and enjoyed the occasional Andy's frozen custard. Lance was an ok eater but worked out quite a bit on top of playing basketball all the time.. he ate the schools caf food :/ and tried to eat as healthy as possible there but he would also eat the tipical late night dorm food of taco bell and little caesers.

BUT then we started hanging out more and fell into the trap of cheap date night food which translates into fast food or half price appetizers after nine at apple bees lol. So we got into a very strong addictive habbit to "bad for you" food and before we knew it.. we had both gained weight. Me, a lot more so than Lance.

Now that we've been married for 5 months... We have decided (as of two weeks ago) that enough is enough. We both want to be healthy for eachother, for our children, for our grandchildren and their health lies in our hands. If we don't learn now before they get here, then it will be super hard to reverse something that could have been done the right way from the get go. (If I just made any sense.) AND the #1 reason is because our bodies have been given us by God and we are to treat it as a temple the Bible says. So I can't in good conscience, justify feeding my body low grade taco bell lol.

Ok.. So I thought it would be motivating for me to keep you all posted on how we are doing... and maybe it can be of some motivation to you as well :)

It is important to be healthy because that is a responsibility that God has placed in our hands so that we can be not only willing but ABLE to spread His love and His good news.

I hope you all have a Blessed Day and I'll keep you posted :)

If you would like me to post what we've been eating lately (Lance has been loving it!) or what we do to stay active and our workout plans, just let me know I would love to share!

Want a laugh.....


Keep scrolling....


HAHA here's me in all my "glory" of sweat... If you don't know me... There are few things that I hate more than sweat lol... Aren't I a beauty with my beat red shiny face and drenched collar LOL this is me last night after running on the elliptical for an hour! I'm just a little proud of myself haha. Get out there today and see what you can do! There's no better time than the present :)

(ps. I'm not jaundice LOL the lighting in my kitchen just stinks.)

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